Congo Basin: NGO input to African Forest Law Enforement and Governance (AFLEG)

Excerpt from Rainforest Foundation website: "In October 2003, governments from across Africa, as well as international donor agencies and institutions such as the World Bank, met to agree new measures aimed at halting the widespread illegal exploitation and destruction of the continent’s forests. Of particular concern was the impact of the timber industry in the Congo Basin rainforests, which often operates without adequate regard for national or traditional laws...The first phase of the Rainforest Foundation's project, which was carried out jointly with the Cameroonian organisation Centre for Environment and Development, and the UK-based NGO Forests Monitor, aimed to ensure that civil society groups from the Congo Basin region were able to attend the governmental conference and play a meaningful role in the meeting and its follow-up...In association with our Africapacity programme, the project provided training and information for local organisations, many of which have had little experience in such international policy processes. We also supported the preparation and publication of series of case studies (the report of which is available from this site), researched and written by local organisations, that illustrate some of the key challenges and opportunities in improving forest law enforcement in Africa. We are planning to help these local organisation's participation in follow-up activities..."

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