DRC: Forest Code and managment practices

Excerpt: "...Since the re-establishment of relative stability in the DRC, international agencies such as the World Bank are attempting to quickly rebuild the country's economy. DRC's rainforests, which are second in size only to Amazonia, are seen as a potential source of income. Since 2003 the World Bank has provided millions of dollars of support to the Congolese government to reform forestry laws and governance. Of over forty detailed decrees that should set out exactly how the forests are to be managed, only two have been officially signed; virtually no progress has been made in developing decrees that protect community rights. Plans to produce a proper zoning plan for the forests have been dropped. A government moratorium on issuing logging concessions has been widely violated. Four years on from the passing of a new Forest Code very few people in the Congo, least of all people actually living in and depending on the forest, are aware of their rights under this law. Despite commitments to the contrary, there has been virtually no consultation by the World Bank with non-governmental organisations or citizens' groups..." **Rainforest Foundation webpage also provides links to information about COMIFAC, zoning, DRC Forest Code and other issues relevant to land, forest resources and indigenous peoples.

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